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Meet Jintara Owner, Vanessa


It's time for you to meet the person behind the brand. I'm Vanessa and Jintara®  is my dream.


🍃How did it begin? Well, I am a double rainbow mom. A rainbow  mom  is a mother of 2 living children after 2 miscarriages. I've apparently always had anxiety and ended up being diagnosed with post partum depression. One of the therapeutic exercises I learned in dealing with depression was to create something beautiful from the not so beautiful things in life. Making soaps, butters and other body care items became my therapy and I wanted to share those beautiful things with the world. Thus, Jintara® was born.


🍃 Who inspired you? My kids. My youngest daughter suffered from dry skin and I wanted to find a way to help keep her skin at bay...naturally. I really felt the things from earth really needed more attention due to its healing benefits that seem to go unnoticed.


🍃What now? Jintara® is about more than the vanity of smooth skin. As our tagline says " Humbly Made, Natural Loving Care ", this gets deep. BODY CARE is a form of SELF CARE. Proper self care is important in mental and physical health. I make it my goal to collaborate and team up with like companies that focus on more than the superficial with their customers. I want to help make an impact where my skills allow. We're just beginning to see all of what's to come.


Share, Support and Join this journey with me 🥰😘


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