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Crafting Memories: A Special Day at Jintara’s Lather Together Workshop

Mother holding a toddler while sniffing a bottle of fragrance oil
Tiffany H. and Olivia H. selecting scents to customize their soaps

At Jintara®, we believe in more than just making natural, plant-based soaps; we believe in creating memories. Recently, Tiffany Hart, a cherished member of the Jintara® family loving mother to two-year-old Olivia, joined us for our Lather Together Adult and Soap Making Workshop at M.I.Y Creative Studios & Candle Company in Catonsville,MD. It was a day filled with laughter, creativity, and the sweet scent of success. We asked her for candid thoughts and here's what she had to say about the experience!

A Moment of Independence

Tiffany’s favorite moment from the workshop was witnessing her daughter Olivia’s growing independence. As Tiffany shared, “My favorite moment was Olivia asserting her independence, wanting to smell the fragrances and stir the soap.” This wasn't just soap making—it was a moment of bonding, learning, and creating lasting memories. The joy of watching her little one take the lead in mixing their creation was priceless

The Value of Quality Time

The workshop reinforced the importance of spending quality time together for Tiffany. It was an opportunity to step away from the daily rush and focus on each other. “It has encouraged me to continue to do things with her in the future,” Tiffany reflected, highlighting the lasting impact of a single afternoon spent at Jintara®.

The Joy of Creation

The highlight for little Olivia came when she unmolded her first-ever soap creation. The surprise and delight on her face were unmistakable. “Olivia was soooo excited to unmold the soap. That moment of surprise at something she created is priceless,” Tiffany recounted. This moment of joy is exactly what we strive to create at Jintara®, where every participant leaves with not just a product, but a piece of a cherished experience.

Sharing the Joy

The workshop didn’t just end with making the soap; it extended into sharing their creation with others. “We LOVE our finished product! We even shared it with others and they loved the signature scent we created,” said Tiffany. The feedback was overwhelming, with friends and family amazed that Tiffany and Olivia had crafted such a delightful product themselves.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend time with your loved ones and create something beautiful and practical, look no further. Our Lather Together workshops are designed to provide a fun, engaging, and creative experience for adults and children alike. Be it crafting your signature scent or just enjoying the process of making something with your own hands, Jintara has something special for everyone.


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