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We've formulated a weightless and replenishing squalane oil—harvested from olives.

What is Squalane??

Your body produces its own version--but it starts to decline in your 20’s, leaving your skin a bit more vulnerable.

Squalane has become one of the most popular face oils due to its thin, ultra-light texture! It sinks in fast to plump and hydrate without looking or feeling greasy. (A little goes a long way!)

What's also do awesome about this oil is not only it's incredibly healing on dry, rough and chapped skin, but it is also unlikely to clog pores and is non-comedogenic for most people. The fact that it's odourless and non-irritating makes it perfect for sensitive skin, too.

We've customized our facial oils into 4 types : Rose, Turmeric, Tea Tree and Bare! This allows you to  pick which extra benefit you want in your facial oil 

Remember --too much of good thing can be unkind . Sometimes, it's the large quantity of oil that triggers a breakout, whereas a small amount is tolerated well. With our Signature Facial Oil , two or three drops should be plenty to cover your entire face

Jintara ® Signature Facial Oil

  • Essential Tea Tree: INCI:Squalane, Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Essential Rose: INCI:Squalane, Rose Absolute

    Essential Glow: INCI:Squalane, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Turmeric

    Essential Bare: INCI:Squalane, Calendula

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