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Now your favorite Ghana made African Black Soap in liquid form. 


Handmade & Imported from Ghana


Raw African Black Soap is the go to Soap for deep skin cleansing and to evening out skin tone.


Some Key Benefits:


-Deep Cleansing-Detoxing for clogged pores.


-Skin Toning-Evening color from scars and blemishes


-Acne Control-Cleanses and acts to suppress the production of sebum.


-Reduces Oily Skin-Helps in fighting acne.



-All Natural Cleanser


Black Soap is best followed up by a deep non pore clogging moisturizer like our Body Butter or if a lighter moisturizer.


Disclaimer: Black Soap can be irritating for some skin types or some may experience a burning sensation due to it's deep cleansing skin penetration


Color variations does not affect the quality of ingredients of the soap. The color is varied according to the color of the cocoa pod ash.

Liquid African Black Soap

  • Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Water

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