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Introducing Grey Sweatpants Body Butter, a rich and luxurious cream that will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and moisturized. Formulated with a blend of rich East African shea butter and mango butter, this body butter is the ultimate treat for dry, dehydrated skin.

Our Grey Sweatpants Body Butter is fast-absorbing so you can apply it throughout the day and get on with your life. It's perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, as it provides intense hydration without irritation. And with its intoxicating scent of bergamot, French lavender, anise, nutmeg, juniper berry, patchouli, and leather -you'll feel sexy and confident all day long.

Due to the highest quality butters and oils used in this formula, a little goes a long way. So why wait? Indulge in the luxury of Jintara Grey Sweatpants Body Butter and feel your best from head to toe.

-Shea butter from East Africa

-Mango butter from India

-Grapeseed oil from Italy

Grey Sweatpants Body Butter

Expected to ship by September 12th
  • Due to the natural nature of this product, this will melt in transit during the warmer months.


    By adding this product in your cart,  you understand and agree that the sale of this product is FINAL and Jintara® will not honor any refunds due to products melting during shipping.

    The skin loving properties are unaffected by heat and will firm back up if stored in a cool, dry environment.


    If you live in the state of Maryland, we suggest you choose local pick for this option during the months of late May through early September.


    If you have questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the "Contact Us" form on this on via email at

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