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Indulge in Luxury with the Jintara Grey Sweatpants Body Crème and Soap Set

Experience the ultimate pampering with our Grey Sweatpants Body Crème and Soap Set. This exquisite bundle includes a generous 14 oz jar of our signature Grey Sweatpants Body Crème and two 5 oz Grey Sweatpants soaps, crafted to elevate your skincare routine to new heights.

💫 Grey Sweatpants Body Crème: Immerse yourself in opulence as you treat your skin to our sumptuous body crème. Luxuriously creamy and enriched with premium ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft and hydrated. Let the seductive scent of bergamot, French lavender, anise, nutmeg, juniper berry, patchouli, and leather embrace your senses, making you feel confident and alluring.

🌿 Grey Sweatpants Soap: Elevate your shower experience with the Grey Sweatpants soap, a luxurious treat infused with the same captivating scent notes. Crafted with care and plant-based goodness, it gently cleanses while providing deep hydration, leaving your skin velvety smooth.

✨ Unforgettable Sensation: The Grey Sweatpants set is designed to evoke a sense of sensuality and luxury with each use. Its enchanting aroma and nourishing formulas create an unforgettable sensation, allowing you to indulge in self-care like never before.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the Jintara Grey Sweatpants Body Crème and Soap Set. Embrace the allure, lavish your skin, and transform your daily routine into a moment of pure indulgence. Discover the art of self-pampering today.

Body Créme and Body Soap Set

  • 14 oz Body Créme and 5oz Body Soap

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